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Assign Multiple User Roles
ClosedMichael ClarkMichael Clark commented 3 days ago • 
73 views1 answers0 votes
"Add item" buttons for repeater field group
ClosedVictor Font commented 1 week ago • 
23 views0 answers0 votes
Use Google Fonts In Custom CSS
ClosedMichael ClarkMichael Clark commented 3 weeks ago • 
57 views1 answers0 votes
Datepicker isn't displaying correctly in Chrome
ClosedRob LeVineRob LeVine commented 3 weeks ago • 
64 views1 answers0 votes
Help setting up forms
ClosedTheresa Place commented 2 months ago • 
59 views1 answers0 votes
Pop up elementor
ClosedVasile Popescu commented 2 months ago • 
56 views1 answers0 votes
Update entries with specific value
ClosedRob LeVineRob LeVine answered 3 months ago • 
77 views1 answers0 votes
Can I update a name field in the entry by Formidable API?
ClosedJiyoung Joung answered 3 months ago • 
96 views1 answers0 votes
Can I filter API by specific field value?
ClosedVictor Font answered 3 months ago • 
67 views1 answers0 votes
Performance Issues
ClosedVictor Font commented 3 months ago • 
99 views2 answers0 votes
Change Form Field Type and Keep data
ClosedVictor Font commented 3 months ago • 
79 views0 answers0 votes
Checkbox tick not displaying correctly
ClosedFikri Ismail commented 5 months ago • 
483 views3 answers0 votes
How can I filter entries by a session id?
ClosedRob LeVineRob LeVine commented 5 months ago • 
202 views2 answers0 votes
Form text turns white in WordPress
ClosedVictor Font commented 6 months ago • 
100 views0 answers0 votes
Got flagged as spam when triying to join this community!
ClosedVictor Font answered 6 months ago • 
111 views1 answers0 votes
Suggestion: Add a sub-query feature
ClosedVictor Font commented 8 months ago • 
201 views0 answers0 votes
Submit forms based on Entry Update
ClosedAlavi QuraishiAlavi Quraishi asked 9 months ago • 
181 views0 answers0 votes
Force refresh of all dynamic fields on form?
ClosedBob Landolfi commented 9 months ago • 
291 views0 answers0 votes
Display View in PDF question
ClosedJoan Heier answered 9 months ago • 
221 views2 answers0 votes
Repeat Buttons in a 6 col layout
ClosedDetlef BeyerDetlef Beyer answered 9 months ago • 
213 views2 answers0 votes
Pro : Missing Translations, mgsID "Maximum file size: %s"
ClosedVictor Font answered 9 months ago • 
235 views1 answers0 votes
Multi-site & Salesforce API
ClosedAmy Dalrymple commented 9 months ago • 
171 views0 answers1 votes
Form Timer or Stopwatch
ClosedDeWayne Kelley commented 10 months ago • 
234 views0 answers0 votes

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