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Stop entry creation if Payment declined or fails
ResolvedRaymond Arroyo commented 14 hours ago • 
25 views1 answers0 votes
Slow loading lookup field
AnsweredJoe Semones commented 19 hours ago • 
20 views1 answers0 votes
Quiz form
AnsweredVictor Font answered 20 hours ago • 
15 views1 answers0 votes
Text-Indent Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
AnsweredRob LeVineRob LeVine answered 1 day ago • 
34 views3 answers0 votes
Using REST API to update an entry
ResolvedMike Harding commented 2 days ago • 
25 views0 answers0 votes documentation
AnsweredAndreas panagiotopoulos commented 2 days ago • 
36 views2 answers0 votes
Repeater field and showing total cost
AnsweredBobby Clapp answered 2 days ago • 
120 views5 answers0 votes
bulk deleting entries does not work
AnsweredKurt Kolb commented 2 days ago • 
133 views2 answers0 votes
Help with conditional logic answering a OR b
AnsweredRob LeVineRob LeVine answered 3 days ago • 
20 views1 answers0 votes
Views size
AnsweredVictor Font answered 3 weeks ago • 
53 views1 answers0 votes
How to not show a Submit Button?
AnsweredAndy Hill commented 3 days ago • 
36 views1 answers0 votes
I am not able to conditionally hide submit button.
AnsweredAndy Hill commented 4 days ago • 
182 views1 answers0 votes
Text Field not accepting spaces
AnsweredLisa Baird commented 4 days ago • 
41 views3 answers0 votes
Creating a Monthly Hour Report Form in Formidable Forms
AnsweredRob LeVineRob LeVine answered 4 days ago • 
22 views1 answers0 votes
Creating a Monthly Hour Report Form in Formidable Forms
AnsweredLuis Martín answered 4 days ago • 
44 views3 answers0 votes
HubSpot Contact creation on form submission
Openankith mall asked 4 days ago • 
13 views0 answers0 votes
HubSpot Data Sync
Answeredankith mall commented 4 days ago • 
161 views1 answers0 votes
Views: Frontend Filter and Sort
AnsweredBobby Clapp commented 5 days ago • 
58 views2 answers0 votes
Views: Link Back To List From Detail
AnsweredBobby Clapp commented 5 days ago • 
62 views2 answers0 votes
Link to second page of multistep form
AnsweredBobby Clapp answered 5 days ago • 
32 views1 answers0 votes
Bug? New Views Update Breaks Visual View Editor
AnsweredBobby Clapp answered 5 days ago • 
54 views1 answers0 votes
Google Sheets Integration Issue
AnsweredNatalia RelishNatalia Relish answered 6 days ago • 
41 views1 answers0 votes
Issue with auto-populating a Lookup field in a repeater
OpenGeorge Ciamita asked 1 week ago • 
31 views0 answers0 votes
File/Image Upload Questions
AnsweredRob LeVineRob LeVine answered 1 week ago • 
40 views1 answers0 votes

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