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Happy New Year!
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones asked 4 months ago • 
57 views0 answers0 votes
Introducing FF OCR
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones asked 5 months ago • 
129 views0 answers0 votes
Custom Star Rating Field Addon
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones asked 6 months ago • 
164 views0 answers1 votes
Changing User Roles
AnsweredMichael ClarkMichael Clark commented 6 months ago • 
477 views2 answers1 votes
Introducing FF Master Search
AnsweredVictor Font answered 7 months ago • 
231 views1 answers2 votes
Introducing FF Audit Trail
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones asked 8 months ago • 
356 views0 answers3 votes
Introducing FF Encryption
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones asked 8 months ago • 
395 views0 answers3 votes
AnsweredWalter JonesWalter Jones answered 1 year ago • 
262 views1 answers2 votes
Introducing FF Email Groups
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones asked 9 months ago • 
180 views0 answers0 votes
Introducting FF Short Links
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones asked 9 months ago • 
194 views0 answers0 votes
Introducing Formidable Time-Slots
OpenJared Elvidge commented 9 months ago • 
331 views0 answers1 votes
Form Timer w/ Auto-Submit
AnsweredWalter JonesWalter Jones answered 11 months ago • 
495 views1 answers1 votes
Select2 Implementation for FF Dropdown Fields
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones asked 11 months ago • 
237 views0 answers0 votes
Front End CSV Upload for Formidable Forms
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones commented 12 months ago • 
373 views0 answers0 votes
Using Token for Views
AnsweredBobby Clapp commented 1 year ago • 
352 views2 answers0 votes
New PDF Addon by Strategy 11
AnsweredRichard Duemmling answered 1 year ago • 
694 views3 answers0 votes
JQuery DataTable Shortcode Snippet for HTML Table Views
AnsweredLuke M answered 1 year ago • 
2280 views5 answers2 votes
Audit Feature
AnsweredRob LeVineRob LeVine answered 2 years ago • 
358 views2 answers0 votes
Payment Gateways
AnsweredVictor Font answered 2 years ago • 
468 views3 answers0 votes
Help with some quick CSS
AnsweredVictor Font answered 2 years ago • 
452 views1 answers0 votes
Format Lookup Fields
AnsweredWalter JonesWalter Jones answered 2 years ago • 
434 views2 answers0 votes
Math Calculations in API
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones asked 2 years ago • 
298 views0 answers0 votes
OpenWalter JonesWalter Jones answered 2 years ago
599 views1 answers0 votes

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