Front End CSV Upload for Formidable Forms

By: Walter Jones | Asked: 03/23/2023
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Walter JonesWalter Jones asked 1 year ago

Front End CSV Upload for Formidable Forms

Have you ever needed to upload data from a .CSV file from the Front End of your website into a Formidable Form?  We have created a wonderful PHP Snippet that will allow you to do just that!  What will this snippet do for you?
  1. Allow the mapping of your CSV headers with the fields from your specified Formidable Form.
  2. Add this functionality to any page or post in WordPress, thanks to the use of a shortcode for implementation.  You simply specify the Form ID in the shortcode and the fields from that form are what you’re able to choose from when mapping.
  3. The functionality does not require the user to logged in to upload the data.  Helpful if you need a data dump to a form, and you don’t want a donor to have a login to your site.
For a one-time fee of $40 you can start implementing this shortcode on unlimited websites. This works by IMPORTING the .JSON file into the Code Snippets Plugin or by adding the PHP from the .JSON to your functions.php file. This should be a default feature for FF, but now it can add functionality to your business systems.
Seeb El replied 12 months ago

Interesting to allow user to upload csv on the front-end


What if the case is to allow only logged-in user to upload csv?
Can this code be integrated in a long form where users have to upload several csv's at different places of the long form?
Can then formidable graph be used to create graphs from those csv's on the front-end using a view?


Walter JonesWalter Jones replied 12 months ago

This code allows a user to bulk import pre-existing data from a csv and map it to fields on a form that’s already been created. The theory is it allows a user to do the importing without needing access to the backend of formidable.

You can put the shortcode that enables the code on any page or post, so you can protect that page or post from a non logged in viewer from accessing it.

The actual csv is purged from WordPress once the data is transferred to the form.

Once the data is put into formidable you can use formidable graphs to display the data in a view as is possible if the data entries were done one at a time.

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