Automatically jump to form's next step when selecting radio button option

By: Sergio Giannone | Asked: 10/08/2021
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Sergio Giannone asked 3 years ago
Hi there,

Is there a way to set a multi-step form so that when the user selects one of the options (say, a radio button field) in a step, it automatically jumps to the next step of the form without the need for the user to click the "Next" button?

I have been looking both in the form settings as well as the field settings with no success, and the documentation doesn't seem to suggest this is an option at all. I've reached out to Support but they said this is not possible. Any chance someone has crafted some sort of script/workaround to achieve the above? Thank you very much.
1 Answers
Chris AdamsChris Adams answered 3 years ago

Hi Sergio,
If you have 'Submit this form with AJAX' turned ON you can add the class .frm_button_submit to the radio button options and this will essentially give you the result you're looking for.
You might be able to add it to the default [input] shortcode in the 'Customise HTML' settings like this:

[input class="frm_button_submit"]

Or if that doesn't work you may need to split them out into their individual options and add the class to each one.

[input opt=1 class="frm_button_submit"]
[input opt=2 class="frm_button_submit"]
[input opt=3 class="frm_button_submit"]
Lasse Kornerup replied 2 years ago

I cant get that to work in my quiz?

sonya pe replied 2 years ago

it works for me

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