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By: John Perrelli | Asked: 08/02/2022
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John Perrelli asked 2 years ago

File Upload fields are not working on one of my forms after I updated WordPress from v5.9.3 to 6.0.1 and Formidable Pro from 5.0.14 (I think) to 5.4.2. 

It works if I insert new File Upload fields, but the previous existing Form Upload fields are not working for one of my forms.  I have a multisite installation and the File Upload fields work for another form on the site.  Why would it work for one form but not the other?  They both worked previously.  Is there any trick to making it work so I don't have to recreate the File Upload fields, and lots of Views, and risk losing previous file uploads if I delete those fields?

thanks for any advice,


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John Perrelli answered 2 years ago
Formidable support was able to find a solution. This fixed it:
It looks like at some time in the past, the HTML for your file upload fields was changed, and simply resetting it fixes the issue. If you go to your form settings and click on the "Customize HTML" tab you can scroll through the list of fields. Delete ALL the content in the boxes for the upload fields and save your changes - this will reset it to the default.
Thanks for both of you for your help!  John
Frank Galvin replied 1 year ago

I was just having file upload issues ( 503 server errors) . I followed this suggestion and it also fixed my error. Thank you .. looks like formidable needs to look at this issue.

Victor Font answered 2 years ago
I just went through a week of troubleshooting that began with me not being able to save any code snippets in the Code Snippets Pro plugin and not being able to set default values on any new field added or existed before in an old form. This sounds similar to what I was experiencing. At first, the form was only broken in Firefox. It worked fine in Safari and Chrome on a Mac. I didn't test with Edge. I opened a rare support ticket with Strategy 11 because I could not figure out why this was happening. It made no sense. I sent the form to the support team and they were able to load it into their QA environment and it worked beautifully, which meant the problem probably had something to do with my environment. I discovered three distinct issues that converged at once. First, there was Firefox. Why was the form working in other browsers and not in Firefox. Incidentally, the form also worked in Firefox Developer Edition v.103, but not in production Firefox v.102. The developer helping me from the Strategy 11 team used Firefox v.102 without issue. I opened a ticket with Bugzilla and the Firefox developers sent me a pre-release version of Firefox v.103 to test. It only partially fixed the problem. Both the old and new fields I initially tested with worked, but again new fields added after RC v.103 did not. The production release of Firefox v.103, which they released a few days later, fixed the problem completely. It was never an issue with Formidable. I'm grateful for the Strategy 11 support team that stuck with me through this part of the process. The second issue we had was that two plugins were using the same CDN to serve the same files, WP-Rocket and EWWW Image Optimizer are in conflict with each other. WP-Rocket's CDN is subscription based. EWWW's CDN is included when you use an API key to offload compression to the cloud. Both CDNs use exactdn as their platform. EWWW has a switch that is enabled by default to serve all web assets through their CDN and not just images. Having two CDNs serve the same files hopelessly scrambled the sites' cookies. Deleting the site cookies and storage in the browser would temporarily fix the problem for 1 save, then things would get scambled again. The fix was to deactivate the WP-Rocket CDN. The third issue we had was persistent file not found errors when trying to save either Code Snippet content or any Formidable form that was being edited. This one traced to Apache's mod_security module and the OWASP® ModSecurity CRS. The exact rule in the OWASP® ModSecurity CRS that broke Code Snippets and Formidable is "rules/REQUEST-949-BLOCKING-EVALUATION.conf". Deactivate this rule and Formidable and Code Snippets immediately worked as they should. Server logs usually capture mod_security interceptions. With this error, there were no related mod_security captures in the server logs or shown on the WHM's ModSecurity™ Tools page. Solving this was entirely by trial and error activating/deactivating mod_security rules. I don't know if any of these three issues make sense to you, but what you're experiencing is very similar to the Firefox issue we had. I would first check for console and server log errors. Then move to plugin conflicts and make sure your PHP version is 7.4 or greater. I run PHP 8.1.8 on my servers. Also make sure all Formidable plugins and add-ons are up to date. I would also export and import the form into a clean WordPress/Formidable environment. Localhost development environments are generally much cleaner than production servers. If it works when you import it into a clean environment, Formidable is not at the root of the issue. It's something in your environment, which is more likely the case. Last, I would consider opening a support ticket with Strategy 11, but I'm not sure how much they'll be able to help with an issue that's likely server related. I do know that their pre-release QA testing has matured to a high capability to squash bugs before deployment. Their QA processes are excellent. The level of troubleshooting that you may need to pursue is beyond the scope of anything we can help you with.
John Perrelli replied 2 years ago

Thanks for your suggestions, Victor. I really appreciate you sharing your experience. I'm having the issue with Chrome and Firefox, so it's not browser specific. And we're not using a CDN. I'll try the other suggestions to see if one of those works. Thanks again!

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