Introducing FF OCR

By: Walter Jones | Asked: 11/23/2023
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Walter JonesWalter Jones asked 5 months ago

FF OCR is a basic optical character recognition plugin for Formidable Forms. FF OCR adds a new field to the builder, which allows for the magic to happen. We are utilizing the OCRSpace API, which provides a free (but very limited) license to complete the OCR scanning, which then puts the content of the PDF or Image file as text into a paragraph field that you designate in your form. You can purchase a different API Key from OCRSpace that gives you more functionality. Perfect for receipt scanning, or if your looking to make the text on a pdf document searchable within your WordPress; especially if used in conjunction with our FF Master Search Plugin. To demo the functionality check out: Allowed file types are JPG,PNG,PDF only. Check out FF OCR over on Masterminds!

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