Checkbox default keeps reverting to checked

By: A M | Asked: 07/08/2024
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A M asked 2 weeks ago
I want a checkbox field the visitor will use to signify acceptance of my Privacy Policy. It is very important that this checkbox be UN-checked by default, so the visitor must take action to signal acceptance before sending their message to me. In setting up the form, I leave the box unchecked, as shown in the first attachment. But once I click to Update the form, the check is automatically added. And when I look at the form in the UI, it is there too. I have tried clearing my website cache. I\'ve also tried deleting the field and adding a new checkbox. Nothing I\'ve tried prevents this from happening. If you have an answer to this, please be very specific on the steps I need to take to fix it. I am a non-techie whose developer flaked out, and I\'m putting the website together myself. So please don\'t assume I have knowledge at your level. Thanks!
Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 2 weeks ago

A link to the page would help. Also, there are no attachments on the post.

2 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 6 days ago
In your example, the before-clicking option would be default to unchecked and the after-clicking option would be default to checked. If your getting something otherwise, your dealing with cache or server issues.
Chris Andrews answered 2 days ago

I ran into the exact same issue a few days ago - I needed users to confirm they read the subscription terms.

I had it set up with an html field with the terms and a checkbox next to it. I did not need a label next to the checkbox, so I left that empty.

Ends up, if you leave it empty, it is automatically checked. That was the answer I got from FF support.

I added "I confirm" and now it defaults to unchecked, 


A M replied 17 hours ago

Awesome! That was the right answer! Thank you, Chris.

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