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By: Rob LeVine | Asked: 03/24/2023
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Rob LeVineRob LeVine asked 1 year ago

Formidable only supports one draft per user and I needed to have an unlimited number of drafts per user. Exacerbating the problem for me was that I had a bazillion required fields, meaning I couldn't save it without either giving each one a value or defaulting all of them to something. That wasn't going to work. Here's how I solved it:

1. Added a hidden field to your form and give it a key "is_draft" (or whatever you want, as long as you propagate it through the next steps).

2. Form Settings->Form Permissions make sure "Allow logged-in users to save drafts" is unchecked.

3. Form Settings->Customize HTML change the following:

4. Add the following jQuery code to your page (replacing my_saveDraft and my_save with the same values in the previous step and field_is_draft with whatever you used in step 1.

5. To silence the required field errors, use frm_validate_entry as follows:

Mark Koncurat replied 1 month ago

This is great! The only issue is that it saves as completed instead of as a draft. Anyway around it?

Mark Koncurat replied 1 month ago

Thank you for your response. I'm trying the following code, but it's not quite right:

add_action('frm_after_create_entry', 'update_draft_status', 20, 2);
function update_draft_status($entry_id, $form_id){
if($form_id == 2){
global $wpdb;
if ($_POST['item_meta'][102] == "Yes") {
$wpdb->update( $wpdb->prefix .'frm_items', array('is_draft'=>1));
$wpdb->update( $wpdb->prefix .'frm_items', array('is_draft'=>0));

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 1 month ago

Well, you have to be more clear than "not quite right". What is it doing or not doing? One thing that's clear to me is that without a where clause (param 3 of wpdb->update) it's going to update all of your entries for every form.

Mark Koncurat replied 1 month ago

Thanks! That would do it.

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