Create a PDF or Print from a Formidable View

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By: theworkhouse
Created: 02/16/2017
Difficulty: Intermediate

Create a PDF or Print from a Formidable View

×Warning: This tutorial was created 2623 days ago. Some of the information may be out of date with more recent versions of Formidable. Please proceed with caution and always perform a backup before adding custom code.

We know many users are frustrated by the lack of options and the lack of support on the available options for exporting Views as a PDF and we share those frustrations as well.

Solving another issue we discovered a method that allows you to download a PDF of your View, formatted correctly to any page size you require.

With no additional plugins to be installed and minimal server resources zapped!

I have written some instructions based on about 3 hours of development/testing and added notes to the GitHub repo:

We plan on updating the as we further develop our product and figure out what does and doesn't work.

There are sample files and screenshots of the product we are developing and the PDF it creates.

Hopefully this will help some of you solve all your problems and push others in the right direction.

I have purposefully kept the examples simple to get the overall concept across, but you will see in the screenshots that with an hour or two of tweaking the stylesheets you can get a pretty good end product and of course a perfectly formatted PDF of your View.

Skill Level: Working knowledge of Formidable Pro and WP | Solid HTML and CSS knowledge | Basic PHP knowledge

Happy PDFing!

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