Entry ID in User Profile ONLY if Submitted

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By: TechDragon12
Created: 09/29/2017
Difficulty: Intermediate

Entry ID in User Profile ONLY if Submitted

×Warning: This tutorial was created 2394 days ago. Some of the information may be out of date with more recent versions of Formidable. Please proceed with caution and always perform a backup before adding custom code.
---open php---
function show_custom_profile_fields( $user ) {
---close php---

Additional profile information

<input type="text" name="frm_entry_id" id="frm_entry_id" value="---open php--- echo esc_attr( get_the_author_meta( 'frm_entry_id', $user->ID ) ); ---close php---" class="regular-text" />
---open php--- } user_id ) { return; //don't continue if no user } if( FrmProFormsHelper::saving_draft($form_id) ) { return; } else { update_user_meta( $entry->user_id, 'frm_entry_id', $entry_id ); } } } add_action('frm_after_create_entry', 'add_entry_id_to_user', 30, 2); /*SHORTCODE DEPENDING ON THE EXISTENCE OF ENTRY ID*/ function frm_entry_shortcode() { global $current_user; get_currentuserinfo(); if ($current_user) { $usermeta = get_user_meta($current_user->ID, 'frm_entry_id', true); if (is_user_logged_in()) { if(empty($usermeta)) { $listing_link = 'HTML here if NO Entry ID'; } else { $listing_link = 'HTML here if there IS an Entry ID'; } } else { $listing_link = ''; } return $listing_link; } } add_shortcode( 'is_frm_entry', 'frm_entry_shortcode' );

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