Tab order to go from left to right.

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By: help4bis
Created: 07/05/2017
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Tab order to go from left to right.

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I had to build a registration form for a limousine company, the challenge was to have the cursor moving from left to right.

To achieve this you can use the "build in" feature as part of layout.

For a two column form do asfollows.

  1. Select the field options of the field.
  2. Place cursor in CSS Layout classes
  3. Select 1/2 in the layout section. This will set the class to be frm_half
  4. Replace frm_half with frm_left_half

That is it.

You can do the same for the field in the righter column, just enter frm_right_half in the CSS Layout section of that field.

There might be more options or variations.


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