Use Rules Based forms to create programs and processes for end users

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Created: 05/31/2017
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Use Rules Based forms to create programs and processes for end users

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Using forms (registration) that the client fills in (stored in DB) to be re-used in other forms that they can then send texts (Twilio) or emails (Mailchimp) that incorporate drip marketing into their contact automation to their clients... is a simple example but now with the new "forms automation" I can have someone create 4 templates.  Send the initial template say and introductory text (using Twilio) to someone that they meet at a party or a tradeshow event. then using automated forms, they can set a date for a triggered event to send a follow up text the next day (again one of the 9 templates in our system) to set up a phone call on their calendar using link then in 2 days it notifies the sender asking if the call had been scheduled.  Triggering another event, this time using Email integrated with Mailchimp to the recipient asking for a formal meeting... one form, registration, fills fields for templates, survey links and so forth which I can then call in another form which gives our users a simple way to not have know anything about programming to create a text/email drip marketing system. See the video at or a current client at

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