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By: Amy Dalrymple | Asked: 07/05/2023
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Amy Dalrymple asked 10 months ago
I have a client site that is run on a WordPress multi-site install - 5 different global regions.   They are all using Formidable in the exact same way, and my colleagues and I have mapped the forms numerous times through the same Salesforce consumer key/secret combo - each site has received its own authorization code.   The problem is that it seems like the connection between Formidable and Salesforce is really unstable. We added the Formidable Logs add-on to each site, and it appears to work fine for a time then suddenly every submission returns a 400 error for syncing to Salesforce. I have to manually deauthorize and re-authorize to get the regional site working again.   Has anyone had this issue before? My hypothesis is that changes in Salesforce admin cause issues with the API but I don't have any way to prove that; it's just something I've experienced with a different client's set up (LeadPages & Salesforce).   My only real solution to eliminate this ongoing issue is turning to web-to-lead forms and I really don't want to go that route. The client doesn't have the budget to use Pardot forms, either.   I appreciate any ideas!
Victor Font replied 10 months ago

Have you opened a ticket with Strategy 11? This may be beyond the scope of what community volunteers can offer you without having a multi-user site setup with Salesforce integration.

Amy Dalrymple replied 9 months ago

Thanks for the tip - I just found the exact issue.

If you get the INVALID_SESSION_ID error code when sending an object to Salesforce, you may have strict IP settings enabled on your Salesforce account. Turn "Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated" OFF, and select the IP relaxation policy "Relax IP restrictions". If that doesn't solve the issue, try re-entering the Salesforce auth code in the Formidable global settings.

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