By: Andreas panagiotopoulos | Asked: 05/23/2024
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Andreas panagiotopoulos asked 3 weeks ago
I can see here that formidable is supported by plugin. Have anyone use with formidable? Is there any documentation? Thank you! Andreas
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 3 weeks ago
There's no documentation and chances are good that nobody will be able to assist you with this. I've been answering Formidable questions for over a decade and this is the first time I've ever seen a question about the site you mention. You're the first to ask about this.
Andreas panagiotopoulos replied 3 weeks ago

It sounds so strange? Because the plugin's page says that formidable is supported..

Any way, thank you for answering..

Victor Font replied 3 weeks ago

You should ask the plugin's author what they mean by "support" and if they have any documentation. Just because someone claims their product supports Formidable doesn't mean that anyone familiar with Formidable has ever heard of it.

Bobby Clapp answered 3 weeks ago
There are no code reference that I've found. It looks like everything happens via form actions.
To use it, you can add a MyCRED action by going to “Formidable” → Your Form → “Settings” → “Actions”, and from there you can add a MyCRED action
Andreas panagiotopoulos replied 3 weeks ago

There is no such an action.. Have you seen it in your installation?

Bobby Clapp replied 3 weeks ago

Doesn't look like the connector plugin is maintained or even available. What about something like Gamipress instead?

Andreas panagiotopoulos replied 3 weeks ago

Yes, this is next.. to read and try gamipress

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