add a checkbox to the frm-login form

By: Holger F | Asked: 07/05/2023
ForumsCategory: Code Helpadd a checkbox to the frm-login form
Holger F asked 9 months ago
Hello, I would like to add a checkbox to the frm-login form. Please see for general instructions for frm-login shortcode. In addition the the fields user and password of the login form I need a required checkbox. a) When box is not checked, user can not login. b) When box is checked and username and password are correct, user can login. Next to checkbox there should be some text like "I accept Privacy Policy and Terms." Would be great when text could be changed via shortcode. Hopefully someone can help me get this done!? I would also be able to pay for this code-help.  Thanks in advance Holger  

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