Add an advanced option to all field types

By: James Forster | Asked: 06/13/2024
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James Forster asked 1 month ago

Hi guys,

I'm wanting to add a new field option under the 'Advanced' options for all field types.

I'm using the 'frm_field_options_form' hook to add a new text input called 'Data key'. I can't get the inputted data to then save, it's not displaying on the admin edit screen or on form submissions. Any ideas how I make the data save?




1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 month ago

I've created my own field before and I know I have code that makes field options work for every field, but I have absolutely no idea where it's located. It can be on any one of 2 former development machines or two backup drives that aren't connected at present.

I need to poke around in those areas soon for a personal project. If I find the answer again, I'll post it here.

James Forster replied 1 month ago

Hi Victor,

That would be amazing if you can find an example.

Let me know.



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