By: Andy Siwela | Asked: 01/12/2024
Andy Siwela asked 3 months ago
Hi guys, I am new here and I have very little coding experience. We have a website that uses formidable forms to collect registrations and now we have a company in Canada that has asked for an API link. We have given them all the necessary information but now they say that the results from the API call are single object with multiple properties corresponding to each member. they have then asked us if we can change it to an array of member objects. After getting in touch wiht Formidable forms support they have said this will require custom coding from our part. Has anyone here come across such or has experience with this. We would kindly appreciate any advice in the right direction. Kind regards
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Victor Font answered 3 months ago

You have to create a custom REST endpoint to deliver the data as your clients expect it, if the builtin endpoints aren’t sufficiently meeting their needs.That’s not something that’s easy to explain how to do in a community forum. It takes a conversation and a plan from an experienced developer. You should look at the WordPress REST API documentation for further details. I doubt a community volunteer has the time to write that much custom code for you without a project. You need to have a budget or learn how to do it yourself. 

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