Assistance Needed with Custom Scoring Logic

By: Michele LaRocco | Asked: 06/20/2024
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Michele LaRoccoMichele LaRocco asked 1 month ago

Hello, I am currently working on implementing custom scoring logic for a Formidable Forms quiz on my WordPress site. The quiz involves selecting images in multiple panels, with each image contributing specific points to a quiz taker’s score based on predefined attributes.

Detailed Example for Support:

  1. Current Issue:

    • Encountered "Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function frm_get_entry_meta()" when using frm_get_entry_meta().
  2. Desired Solution:

    • Correctly fetch entry meta using Formidable Forms functions.
    • Ensure the custom scoring logic runs after form submission and calculates scores based on user selections.
  3. Files:

    • Revised ArtDNA® Quiz Scoring document outlines the scoring system and examples.
    • Ventile Lookup Table CSV file provides a lookup table to convert raw scores into ventiles for interpreting user scores.


  1. Assistance with Correct Implementation:

    • How to correctly use Formidable Forms functions like frm_get_entry_meta() or equivalent methods.
    • Best practices for placing and running this custom code within the WordPress environment (e.g., functions.php, custom plugin).
  2. Additional Guidance:

    • Any corrections or optimizations to ensure the scoring logic works as intended.

Thank you for your assistance!

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 month ago
frm_get_entry_meta() is not a function that can found in Formidable's source code. Where did you get information saying you could use that function? It it were a Formidable method, you have to reference its class as well as in class::function() notation.
Michele LaRoccoMichele LaRocco replied 1 month ago

I think it came from some older or incorrect information regarding how to fetch metadata in Formidable forms, I honestly have close to 0 experience doing what I am trying to do lol!

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