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By: Eoghan O\'Sullivan | Asked: 12/05/2023
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Eoghan O\'Sullivan asked 4 months ago
Hi, This query refers to this page: https://dvb-i.tv/directory/ Can someone explain why the button on my custom search form (the "filter") is picking up the styling I've set in Formidable, but the button the default search (added using both the shortcode and the custom HTML with the code below) is not picking it up? I've tried playing with the parameters without success. Thanks, Eoghan
<div class="with_frm_style"><div class="frm_submit">[frm-search]</div></div>
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 4 months ago
What's the setting for "Disable submit button styling" in the form styles?
Eoghan O'Sullivan replied 4 months ago

That setting is not checked. (And the styling I have set in that section is being applied to the button labelled "Filter".

Victor Font replied 4 months ago

If you check the box, the submit button won't use Formidable's style. It will use your theme's button styles instead.

Eoghan O'Sullivan replied 4 months ago

Yes - and thanks for following up - but I want it to use Formidable's styles, as it is doing for the button labelled "Filter". I don't know why it is not applying the Formidable styling to the button on the Search form.

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