Can't link checkbox field of the form to the checkbox meta field of the Post.

By: Foram Sanghavi | Asked: 04/05/2023
ForumsCategory: Code HelpCan't link checkbox field of the form to the checkbox meta field of the Post.
Foram Sanghavi asked 1 year ago
Hello, I am using the checkbox field in the form and the options of the field are entered manually and have enabled limit selection option. When the form is submitted a custom post is to be created and for that I am using the Create Post option. In the create post I am using Add custom field option. In this section I am trying to link the checkbox field of the form to the custom checkbox meta field. This custom field is created in Jet engine post type. After filling the form and submitting it, the post is getting created but the checkbox field option that is selected in the form is not visible in the post. All other field (text, select, phone) data comes in the post just the checkbox field data does not come in the post. In the post the meta field type is also a checkbox. Even mapping the field name correctly. Can someone please help me to resolve the issue.
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
You're going through lot of work that probably isn't necessary. When I create a custom post in Formidable, I create an empty post and use a WordPress CPT template to display a Formidable view. Here's an example:
Victor Font replied 1 year ago

As far as what you're doing, are you creating the custom post in Formidable's add-on as a jet engine post? Make sure the name of the field in the wp_postmeta table is the same as the field in the Formidable add-on. When 3rd party. Very often, custom fields create a label and a field name. Field names generally begin with and underscore. Use PHPMyAdmin to confirm the name of the field you want to populate.

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