"Create an entry in another form" php hook issue with 'save draft'

By: danny kim | Asked: 01/05/2024
ForumsCategory: Code Help"Create an entry in another form" php hook issue with 'save draft'
danny kim asked 3 months ago

I am using "Create an entry in another form" hook with "Limit number of entries to one per" and "Allow logged-in users to save drafts" for Form Permissions.
When the entry was created, it should be a draft Form. So it can be single entry per a user. However it created entry and published. So, every time I use Form A, I get seprate form B entry unlimitely.
Anyone can help with this code?

// Create an entry in another form
add_action('frm_after_create_entry', 'create_entry_after_submission', 30, 2);

function create_entry_after_submission($entry_id, $form_id){
if ( $form_id != 34 ) {//Change 372 to the ID of Form A

$form2 = '9';//Change 373 to the ID of Form B
//Get user
if (!isset($_POST['frm_user_id'])){
$user = $_POST['frm_user_id'];
//get data
if (!isset($_POST['item_meta'][657])){ //replace 6614 with the field ID of the Form A value

//create entry
'form_id' => $form2,
'item_key' => 'entry', //change entry to a dynamic value if you would like
'frm_user_id' => $user,
'item_meta' => array(
//6620 => $entry_id, //change 6620 to the ID of the field you want to populate (in Form B) with the entry ID of Form A
302 => $user,//change 6621 to the ID of the userID field in Form B

danny kim replied 3 months ago

There is some conflict issue with form B.
If I used the snippet where form A is only, it works well.
If the snippets are every page include form B, it has a conflict issue, so it wont give proper result as i expect.

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