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By: Pat Gallagher | Asked: 09/14/2022
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Pat Gallagher asked 2 years ago
Hey there, I'm trying to use a form that will be located on the public side of my site to create a new Forum Topic on the Member side (bbpress forums.) It was very easy to get the form to create a new Topic, but I can't figure out how to get that topic into a specific Forum. Currently, it's creating a Topic in my Forum Archive (/forums) I'd like it to create a topic in a particular Forum. I've tried using the custom fields in the Create Post settings to give the Topic the Forum Id, but nothing I've tried has worked. I'ved added  Custom Field _bbp_forum_id Value ( $forum_id = 91818 ) and a bunch of different variations of the field and value. I assume there is some sort of function I need to add for bbpress to get the forum-id from the post creation? Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

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