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By: Jan Karel Broer | Asked: 05/06/2024
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Jan Karel BroerJan Karel Broer asked 1 month ago

We're looking for a solution for the editor to bulk create certificates from selected course student entries. The idea is:

  1. To add a custom Bulk Form Entries choice called Create certificates (see mockup),
  2. have a script loop through the selected entries and
  3. create Certificate entries from the Certificate Form.
  4. Ideally, the Certificate Form action(s) should run on creating each entry (so we can send a notification to the student that the certificate is created for example..).

So what we need is the ability to add a custom Bulk Form Entries choice and a way to loop through the selected entries.
Since FF support told me there is no webhook available for custom Bulk Form Entries, I feel a bit stuck with this.

I hope there is anyone willing to help out or getting me in the right direction with this challenge?

2 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 month ago
There is no simple solution for what you want to do, but it can be done. It requires creating a custom add-on to include all of the functionality you are seeking. It sounds like you want to code this yourself. I don't know how to point you in the right direction other than to suggest these docs: Hiring a developer to write a custom add-on can easily cost $10K or more USD. If you want to go that route, I'm happy to entertain your project. Please start here:
Jan Karel BroerJan Karel Broer replied 1 month ago

Thank you for pointing this out, Victor. Although $10K seems a bit overkill solution for what I need, your resources are good to know!

Victor Font replied 1 month ago

Jan, it mat be overkill for what you want to do, but in terms of creating a real add-on, it's very low budget. Creating an add-on could easily exceed $25k if done correctly.

Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 1 month ago
Maybe I'm simplifying it, but if you ignore the part about adding to Formidable, you can create an admin-only page, e.g., a protected page with a Formidable view of all your entries.  On that page, you have a method to select the entries you want to create certificates for and have a "Create Certificates" button.  Clicking the button fires off the processing which uses PHP code to create the form entries and fire off the notifications.
Jan Karel BroerJan Karel Broer replied 1 month ago

Thanks for thinking along Rob. This sounds like a workable solution and try to see how far we get with it. 👍🏻

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