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By: James Bailey | Asked: 05/05/2023
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James Bailey asked 1 year ago
Hi I'm using the reset password shortcode. The problem i'm having is once completed the user is sent to the standard wordpress login journey which I don't want. I need to be able to either simply display a message after the form submission or redirect users to a custom 'thanks' page. Any help would be appreciated. James
1 Answers
Michael ClarkMichael Clark answered 1 year ago
Hi. If you're using the standard Formidable login flow with a custom Login page, Reset Password page, and Registration page, with each selection specified in Settings > Registration, then you can do a dynamic redirect on login, and it may also work with reset.   Something like ../reset-password/?redirect_to=/other-page   However, if you've got everything all set in the Global Setting with the Login, Registration and Reset pages configured, you should be automatically redirected to the Login page that's specified there when a user chooses to reset their password.   I've also found that other plugins with specific settings for login/out/reset, etc., sometimes conflict. WP may in those cases, simply fallback to the default WP login pages. If that's the case, you can also point plugins with specific login page settings to your Formidable login, reset, and registration pages. Hope this helps.  

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