Default Calculated Value are Empty Until User Interaction

By: Pabitra Maharana | Asked: 09/12/2023
ForumsCategory: Code HelpDefault Calculated Value are Empty Until User Interaction
Pabitra Maharana asked 7 months ago
We’re utilizing the Formidable Lite and Formidable Pro plugins in our project to build calculators. While we’ve successfully created several calculators, we’ve encountered some issues related to the styling of the Formidable form and the interaction between form fields. Specifically, we’re facing a problem where the default values of certain fields aren’t displayed to users until they interact with other fields. We’ve identified that this issue occurs when the WP Rocket plugin is active. Our WP Rocket settings include Minify CSS files, Optimized CSS delivery (removing unused CSS), Minify JS files, Load JS deferred, and Delay Javascript Execution. Based on our initial findings, we’ve observed that the issue arises when non-logged-in WordPress users access the calculator page. To address this, we’ve temporarily excluded the calculator pages from being cached, but this has led to performance problems on those pages. We’re seeking guidance on how to display default values in our form fields without compromising page performance. Can you please assist us in resolving this matter?

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