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By: Frank Roark | Asked: 10/08/2022
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Frank Roark asked 2 years ago
First, thank you in advance for any advice or guidance on this matter!

Summary of form-  Form is used to create "posts" on an announcement board from multiple authors. I utilize the formidable view to display the details of the announcement. 

On the detail view, I am looking to display the 5 most recent posts from that author from that form to include 3 fields (Title, category, and entry date. I'm a bit confused on how to implement this as I have attempted many shortcodes from the view and have failed at this attempt. Thank you again for all the help and advice!!
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 years ago

Create a view that filters on the author's user id. User id should be captured with the form entries. Sort the view by creation date descending and limit the display to 5 records.

Frank Roark replied 2 years ago

Hi Victor, Thank you for the response, I guess that is my issue, I do not know how to filter by author user ID. I do have user ID field in the form. I believe I may be making this more complicated than it truly is. so the filter would look something like this "User ID" "is equal to" "author_id" ? This is where I am hung up. Thank you again Mr Font!

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