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By: UAD Licencias | Asked: 08/04/2023
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UAD Licencias asked 8 months ago

Hi there!! We are new to the plug in and its kinda amazing. But, we are not expert in HTML coding. But i kinda follow the tutorials and stuff. Theres a question about Dropdown and values (numeric) and the use of these in Views.

I would like to use the "saved" value of an entrie inside the "dropdown" field.

For example: Option1 Option2 Option3 Each will contain a different "price", 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 respectivly. And i want to display y it liike this:

Your choice is: Opction 1  and it cost $10000 and the discount price will be 50%: $5000  

The problem is when i want to use this values, the view does not show it properly.  So when i want to display, it should be like this Dropdown ID: 34
Your choice is: [34] and it cost [34 show=value] and the discount price will be 50%: [frm-math][34]-([34]*50)/100[/frm-math]


is there any other option to get the number value of the Dropbox field without getting the text from the field and do the calculation?

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 8 months ago
You should be using the show=value parameter in your calculation. [34 show=value]

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