Duplicate Entries - validate User ID and Date Field

By: Josh Giblette | Asked: 01/05/2024
ForumsCategory: Code HelpDuplicate Entries - validate User ID and Date Field
Josh Giblette asked 3 months ago
I'm looking to use the function for Disallowing duplicate entries in a specific form for one year.
add_filter('frm_time_to_check_duplicates', 'change_duplicate_time_limit_one_form', 10, 2); function change_duplicate_time_limit_one_form( $time_limit, $entry_values ) { if ( $entry_values['form_id'] == 100 ) { //change 100 to your form ID $time_limit = 31536000; } return $time_limit; }
However I'd like to modify this to only check against entries that have matching value for the date field AND user ID in each.

Is this possible?

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