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By: Claudio Liverano | Asked: 10/15/2023
ForumsCategory: Code HelpEdit Field Shortcode with increment number
Claudio Liverano asked 6 months ago

I have a form with a "Likes" hidden text field (with "0" as Default Value). I'm trying to use the frm-entry-update-field shortcode (in a View) to create a link that, when clicked, update the field value +1 I tried with:

[frm-entry-update-field id=X field_id=Y value="Z" label="Like"]

I don't know how to set value setting (the "Z").. I tried with "Y+1", I tried [frm-math][/frm-math] function,
I tried with auto increment function.. probably I made mistakes writing the code..
Can someone help me please?

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