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By: Henry King | Asked: 09/26/2022
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Henry King asked 2 years ago
Hi Experts, I've a text field in Formidable Form with following session variable $SESSION['symbol'] that the user enters as "IBM 132". I need to fill build a query string with this '' . $_SESSION['symbol'];   I need to remove the space of add "%20" to the space.   How do I do this?   Thanks.    
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Victor Font answered 2 years ago

$__SESSION is a PHP global variable that exists apart from WordPress/Formidable. I don't know what you mean when you say you have a text field with the $SESSION['symbol'] the user enters "IBM 132". You can use $__SESSION variables as default values but you can't assign values to them in a Formidable text field. You can capture a value in a Formidable text field and assign it to $__SESSION['symbol'] with jQuery or PHP after its been captured in a field.

Here's how you would do it in jQuery in the browser before a form submit:

PHP can do this after a form submit by using the frm_pre_create_entry filter where you can construct and sanitize your URL before using it.

Henry King replied 2 years ago


Thanks for your reply. Perhaps I can be clearer.
The user enters "IBM 132" into a Formidable Form text field say $_POST['item_meta'][6] where '6' is the id of the field. I would like to Trim the text so that it reads:

1) IBM132 (without the space) and

2) IBM%20132 (with %20 - representing a space).

Hope this clarifies.


Victor Font replied 2 years ago

You are asking for two completely different formats for a single field. If you remove the spaces like your example 1, there are no spaces to sanitize with %20 as you want in example 2. If you want two different fields, either that or settle on one format or the other for a single field.

That being said, you can either format with jQuery wither with a regular expression or character substitution. Here's an example with regular expressions:

Thist example show how to convert characters to HTML Entities. You can modify this code to convert a space to %20.

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