fix for form in the database not seen in front-end

By: geert jan hoge | Asked: 06/27/2023
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geert jan hoge asked 10 months ago
Hi, I had an error in a form and I could only fix it in the database.   Now that I changed it it is not changing the form itself. The front-end shows the unchanged version. So it seems like it caches or save a textversion of the code somewhere.   How do I force the database to update the form?   Regards,   Geert Jan
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Victor Font answered 10 months ago
Formidable uses the global $wp_object_cache for caching, as do many WordPress plugins. Formidable has several functions for deleting portions of the cache for data which may be computationally expensive to regenerate, but nothing is documented in their KnowledgeBase about how to clear it. You could try writing some custom code to invoke WP_Object_Cache::flush(), which will clear $wp_object_cache.
Victor Font replied 10 months ago

As an FYI, here's a little more about Formidable's caching:

Quote from document:

"Formidable clears cached data when a form is saved, an entry is updated, a field is deleted, etc. If you notice data is not getting updated immediately, your caching plugin may be storing data persistently in a way that Formidable is not clearing. If you are seeing this issue, please create a ticket in our help desk so we can assist you."

geert jan hoge replied 10 months ago

Thanks!! This may help.

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 10 months ago

@geert jan hoge - What did you change? I'm just curious.

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