Formidable form generates multiple Stripe transaction records per submission

By: Angelika Vance | Asked: 01/20/2024
ForumsCategory: Code HelpFormidable form generates multiple Stripe transaction records per submission
Angelika Vance asked 3 months ago
I have created a Formidable form connected to Stripe to allow people to submit their information and pay the annual membership dues for a homeowners' association (see Upon submission, the form sends the payment information to Stripe and is supposed to provide a confirmation message to the submitter and an email to the association's treasurer about the new member and payment. Stripe does receive the information and process the payment, however, the onscreen response to the submitter is "Unable to find record of payment" and no email is sent to the treasurer. Here is the how the webpage url shows when the error message loaded after my most recent attempt: Upon investigation, I see that for each submission, Stripe is receiving multiple transaction requests. It seems in each instance the first one fails, the second is successful, and the third fails again. I reached out to Stripe and after looking at the transaction logs they advised that "Formidable Forms by Strategy11" is sending multiple transaction records and I need to find out from Formidable what the cause is. We are using Formidable Lite and do not have access to paid technical support. I have searched and am unable to find any mention of a similar issue. I have attached screenshots and really hope someone on this forum can help!!!  Screenshots attached. Thank you in advance!

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