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By: Roel Cuijpers | Asked: 05/04/2022
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Roel Cuijpers asked 2 years ago

Hi Guys,
I'm looking for a way to replace special characters in a view.
So for example Röēl Mörręs should be Roel Morres.
I've contacted Formidable support but they advised me to see if any of you can help me out.
The sanatize option they offer is not what i need. s%c3%a1nn%c3%a5tise-cookies.s%c3%a1nn%c3%a5tise-cookies-check


I've added a CSV Export option to the view, so this value needs to be "cleaned" in the CSV too

Cookie Cookie Check username
raisen oatmeal

raisen oatmeal test


cruch test


cinnamon test


tester check

sánnåtise cookies

sánnåtise cookies check

Bobby Clapp replied 2 years ago

Accented characters or special characters? It seems like the accent characters are the issue. Maybe this example will help?

function RemoveAccents(s)
var i = 'ĂĂĂĂĂĂà åâãäüĂĂĂĂĂĂĹòóôþÜĹĂĂĂĂèÊêÍðĂçĂĂĂĂĂĂŹĂ­ĂŽĂŻĂĂĂĂŰÚúÝߏĂùŠťŸÿýŽŞ+_.:;[]()/*" '.split('');
var o = 'AAAAAAaaaaaaOOOOOOOooooooEEEEeeeeeCcDIIIIiiiiUUUUUuuuuuNnSsYyyZz---------------'.split('');
var map = {};
i.forEach(function(el, idx) {map[el] = o[idx]});
return s.replace(/[^A-Za-z0-9]/g, function(ch) { return map[ch] || ch; }).toLowerCase();

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Roel Cuijpers answered 2 years ago
Hi all, we've built our own CSV export with PHP based on the view table. :)

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