frm-entry-update-field shortcode issues in Datatables

By: Brian Penner | Asked: 04/06/2023
ForumsCategory: Code Helpfrm-entry-update-field shortcode issues in Datatables
Brian Penner asked 1 year ago
I have a table view that I've set Datatables on with the responsive feature set up with child rows. I've discovered that that update field link doesn't fully function when it ends up in one of the columns that is in a child row. When it is in the child row and you click the button the field updates in the back end but the button indicator doesn't change to a loading indicator nor does it display the message once it's done. This all works in the same table when I move the column so that it shows in the main table. Has anyone else run into that? Do you have any tips on how to fix it?
Brian Penner replied 1 year ago

I've figured out why this is happening. When you open a child row in datatables it makes a copy of the original hidden rows. This means that the update link is duplicated. The code for the button doesn't handle it when there are 2 elements with the same id so the loading animation and the success message happen on the link that's in the hidden table column instead of the one in the visible child row.

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