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By: Steven C | Asked: 03/23/2023
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Steven C asked 1 year ago
Hello, I understand that in php I can for example use "FrmField::update" to update a field, and  "FrmField::get_id_by_key" to get the id of a field for example. Where can I find the full list of available FrmField actions? Are those actions like "update" and "get_id_by_key" unique to Formidable? Or are they general php actions?
  1. I would like to know which action to use to fetch the value in a FrmField using php,
  2. ..and ideally also a complete list of the actions and what they all do.
Can anyone point me to the documentation page for these? Thanks!
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Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 1 year ago
@Steven C - I will add that do get a value of a form field in PHP, you'll want to use FrmEntryMeta::get_entry_meta_by_field($entry_id, $field_id). The FrmField object is really only for the field itself, irrespective of its relation to the form. Other fields of use to you might be: FrmEntryMeta::update_entry_meta FrmEntryMeta::add_entry_meta As for get_id_by_key that's a Formidable thing only and is available with most objects such as FrmField, FrmForm, etc. It's very useful for making your code transportable, by not using field ids (rather, using form keys).
Steven C replied 1 year ago

@Rob LeVine - That is super helpful, appreciate it.

Victor Font answered 1 year ago

The example you are asking about is Object Oriented Programming syntax. FrmField is a class and get_id_by_key is a function within the class. A function is not an action. An action is a hook. WordPress has two types of hooks, actions and filters. The closest thing you’ll find to a list of everything in Formidable is our Codex.

Steven C replied 1 year ago

@Victor Font - Thank you for your help with the correct terminology. I will check out more at the Codex you referred, appreciate it.

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