Generating field values based on a composite of pairing selections from a data field

By: Matt Stanley | Asked: 07/01/2024
ForumsCategory: Code HelpGenerating field values based on a composite of pairing selections from a data field
Matt Stanley asked 3 weeks ago
Hey guys, I'm building a lead gen & prospecting checklist/tracker system using Formidable. My goal is to create a comprehensive system that requires NO third-party tech to get the job done. This web application will serve as a "checklist" of sorts to document pre-sales activities for the purpose of building a lead list OUTSIDE of our CRM & sales pipeline tool HighLevel (GHL) - I want to make sure the prospects are legit leads BEFORE putting them into GHL so all contacts inside of that system fit the criteria necessary before we contact them. Prior to this point I've been using a cobbled-together mix of spreadsheets in Excel. While that technically "works," it's not really an effective solution long-term, when I need to delegate as much lead gen activity as possible. Other people that are NOT me need to be able to access a web application, use the tool, and have it be EASY, not confusing or frustrating. So here's my specific question: How do I create a form where users can leverage a series of pre-defined search criteria to build search phrases for identifying potential lead sources? The following is a list of specific use cases I have in mind:
  1. Scrape Instagram for business pages where the listed email address is a Gmail address (instead of domain-based email address)...

    The search phrase "recipe" is as follows: + [niche keyword phrase] +

    So the first and third portions of this specific google search phrase would be set, but the niche keyword search phrase would need to be selected from a pre-built "Data" form of options. The user would then build a search phrase for each combination of options based on however many niche keyword search phrases exist. The composite google search, then would need to be saved somehow, and for the individual prospect contact record, that google search would need to be selected and associated with the record.

  2. Google Search based on a combination of keyword search phrases, states & cities...
    [keyword search phrase] + in [[city] + [state]]

    The user would specify the desired keyword search phrase, state, and city, then Formidable would pair them all together to generate the desired search, such as "hvac repair companies in Fresno California"
    My end goal is to make this whole system as easy to use as possible WITHOUT having to do a bunch of work manually. I want the system itself to generate the desired combinations based on the two examples listed above so my VAs or subcontractors can use it to source lead list searches AND comb through the results to build prospect lists. I will provide instruction for them about how to determine which set of criteria makes each prospect eligible for inclusion into our actual CRM.
1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 1 week ago
If I'm reading this right, you're wanting to scrape the web programmatically to generate leads? That's a really advanced request that may better suit looking at a completely programmed solution outside of FF with an experienced web programmer.

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