Get value (or attribute) of a toogle element

By: Emmanuel GADEK | Asked: 01/19/2023
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Emmanuel GADEK asked 1 year ago
Hi to all members,
I need to get the value (or attribute) of a toogle element with javascript.
My toogle is set up on 'off' by default.
I try a trick like this : var myvar = $("input[name='item_meta[86][]']:checked").val();
If I try to get the value on page load , I obtain 'undefined'.
If I try to get the value when the toogle is switch on on, I obtain 'yes'.
I would prefer to obtain the boolean attribute of the element (aria-checked), but I'm a noob with javascript and I don't know how to make my formula. I try differents things but I didn't get the expected value.....
Does anyone could help me ?
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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
If you want the aria-checked label, you're targeting the wrong element. A toggle is a single element checkbox cleverly disguised as a switch with the use of multiple span tags. To get the aria-checked value of the span, you need: var myvar = $("span[aria-labelledby='field_b34jc_label']").attr('aria-checked')
Emmanuel GADEK replied 1 year ago

Hi Victor, thanks a lot for answer. It seems to be work but.... On load, the value getted is 'false'. If I switch my toogle on 'on' position, I obtain 'false' to. And if I switch back my toogle on the 'off' position, I obtain 'true' (when the toggle is positionned on the 'No' position)....

EDIT : I think it's due to a wrong test formula, I try this (in the beginnng of the test sentence) :

$('span[aria-labelledby="field_2ltf7_label"].attr('aria-checked')').change(function () {

...but it doesn't work

EDIT2 : If done some searchs on Google.... As I understand, it is not possible to have an 'onChange' listener for an attribute change.The right method will be a MutationObserver.....

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

The code I gave works perfectly in my development environment. All you had to do is change the label name. I explained earlier that a toggle is not a standard form input. The toggle is a single hidden checkbox field. The visible interactive part is a compilation of span elements. The part that you click on is a span's before pseudo element. They do not fire a change event. You could try on("click", function(){});

Without knowing how you you wrote and applied your code, it's not possible for me to help you further. Perhaps you should think about hiring a developer to take a look at your site and fix this for you.

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