Hiding next button based on multiple conditions

By: Luis De Pau | Asked: 06/11/2022
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Luis De PauLuis De Pau asked 2 years ago
Hello! This kb article shows how to hide the next button in a multi page form.   https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/javascript-examples/#kb-conditionally-hide-next-buttons-in-a-multi-page-form My problem is I need to hide the next button if 2 fields are empty. These are hidden fields. Is there a way to meet this condition? Thanks for any advise!
This is the script of the KB article: 

<script> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ var fieldID = 18; var showVal = 'Yes'; var $nextButton = $(".frm_button_submit"); //Hide next button by default if Yes is not already checked if (($("input[name^='item_meta[" + fieldID + "]']:checked").val() != showVal) && ($("input[type=hidden][name^='item_meta[" + fieldID + "]']").val() != showVal)) { $nextButton.css('visibility','hidden'); } $("input[name^='item_meta[" + fieldID + "]']").change(function(){ if ($("input[name^='item_meta[" + fieldID + "]']:checked").val() == showVal){ $nextButton.css('visibility','visible'); } else { $nextButton.css('visibility','hidden'); } }); }); </script>
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 years ago
You can add another condition to the code to check for your empty fields in this section of code: $("input[name^='item_meta[" + fieldID + "]']").change(function(){ if ( $('#empty_field1_id').val() == '' && $('#empty_field2_id').val() == '' ) { if ($("input[name^='item_meta[" + fieldID + "]']:checked").val() == showVal) { $nextButton.css('visibility','visible'); } else { $nextButton.css('visibility','hidden'); } } });
Luis De PauLuis De Pau replied 2 years ago

Thanks a lot @Victor Font !!

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