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By: Martin Splinter | Asked: 09/09/2022
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Martin Splinter asked 2 years ago
So, hi there, my name is Martin, a 44 year old captain who took it upon himself to create an webapp with formidable forms. to make my life easier.

I use formidable forms to create documents in pdf form for various purposes. Its really helpfull as i have made the proces of document creation much faster.

Per example, where i would need 12 minutes to create documents for a bunker delivery of fuel oil, i do that in 2 minutes now, and once i get smarter, ill bring that down to 1.

I have learned a lot over the last year, and thats an understatement, but i am far from being a programmer.
So thats why i am here, to see if some people with real skils can help me now and then.

My first questionis one which will solve probably two of my issues at the moment.
I need to add some javascript to a form, because in my opinion the formidable geo plugin is not really advanced.

I was reading in the source code, and it seesm that what i need was once on the todo list, but was never finished. From the readme:

* Add hidden fields for lat & lon (those are there)
* Fill hidden fields (lat & lon) when address is selected That happens
* Save lat & lon to item meta
that also happens if the fields are invisible, but for some reason not when i make them visible.

however as in my usercase i have three addresses i lookup and i need to lon and lat for all three the locations, I made them visible but i cant use the values in my forms.

If i use post meta they dont show up. if i use ajax and then a get/post then also i dont see them

So i edited the file FrmGeoAppController.php line 188 and up so that the fields are visible now and i can copy the lon and lat values manually.

But thats not what i want ofcourse, i want them stored as a value. but whatever i try, i cant.
As its available in the browser, but not a real field in the form from formidable perception, i think i can catch that value in javascript and then put it in a empty field and then store it. but i have no clue how to do it.

I found some jquery code that could do it, but i dont know where to put it, how to reference the right values and such. There may be a better way, and i did see a plugin that i can buy, but thats no fun. * Add autocomplete for address field type (the JS is copy/paste from WPforms) works * Field Setting: show map with field to move the pin to choose the location works
* Field Setting: default value for current location?
* Global settings: Add a tab for Geolocation. This tab will include an API key field. * Show the location in the admin sidebar when viewing or editing an entry works, but is not what i need
* Add shortcode parameters to show map, lat, or lon in a View like [25 show=lat], [25 show=lon], [25 show=map] doesnt work for me it just prints it as text, so i guess the shortcode is not implemented yet.

I short (if thats  not to late already), i have a form with 3 addresses of which i need the long and lat, i use that data to sent to zapier to make an api request to a service that does routeplanning. I know take the name and use an extra apicall to a geolocation api, get the results, and then continue my flow, but i have seen it, and now i want it.

Is there a way of getting a value that i see on my screen and in the developer tools into a field in formidable?

if so where would i put that? and how?

This stays empty:
<input type="text" id="field_v1mqg" name="item_meta[3662]" value="[3225 show=lon]" data-frmval="[3225 show=lon]" data-invmsg="Tekst is ongeldig" class="form-control" aria-invalid="false"> where field 3225 is the addres field. changing [3225 show=lon] to [3225 show=geo_lat] does not help

I do see the lon and lat which was looked up in the adress field on my screen, in this field:
<input type="text" input="" id="geo-lat-3225" name="geo_lat[3225]" class="frm-geo-lat" value="" aria-invalid="false">

I created an empty field with default value in different setups, but it does not get filled with the right value.

u can see it here:

i hope my rambling are forgiven, its sometimes overwhelming for my brains, the endless posibilities.

I just realised that i could just not use formidable-geo, pass the location names to the api i use and it will probably be able to figure out which lon and lat it is, however that wont make me smarter.

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Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 2 years ago
I just did the following and it worked for me. I created a GEOlocation field and two text fields. I added the following JQuery code to get the lat and long from the address field's hidden elements and put them into the text fields. GEOLocation field key = afcxy GEOLocation field id = 419 Latitude = hc0ts Longtitude = ih84b jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $("#field_afcxy").change(function () { var lat = $("#geo-lat-419").val(); var lng = $("#geo-lng-419").val(); $("#field_hc0ts").val(lat); $("#field_ih84b").val(lng); }); });
Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 2 years ago

I don't think the " tags" work on this forum.

Martin Splintger replied 2 years ago

Thank you! i really appriciate it. What do you mean that tag not working here? I hgope i can copy and paste, else ill be lost ))

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 2 years ago

I mean that instead of looking like code with line breaks and indents, it looks stront as the Dutch might say.

Martin Splintger replied 2 years ago

🤣👍 this bdutchie will try to add that stront to the form and see what happens ))

Many thanks

Martin Splintger replied 2 years ago

but uh..... where do i add the jquery code into formidable? In de custrom html?

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 2 years ago

Add the whole thing, wrapped by and in the After Fields section within Customize HTML

Martin Splinter answered 2 years ago
Wow!!! it works, many thanks man, this really helkps me, and also helps me beyond this point.

it showed me that i was c lose, but confused with field id, names and how to call it all. But could not have done it without your help! 
Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 2 years ago

Does this mean if I ever need a ship I can have one for free?

Martin Splintger replied 2 years ago

Unfortunately not, but on the upside: it does mean that if ever happen to have a question in that direction, I will definitely supply you with an answer!

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