how to populate dropdown from clicking an image

By: Larry Kolinek | Asked: 08/03/2023
ForumsCategory: Code Helphow to populate dropdown from clicking an image
Larry Kolinek asked 9 months ago

Hi, Can this be done? I have 3 images on a page.

Below is the formidable form, which has a dropdown field.
WHEN a person clicks 1 of the 3 images, I want a dropdown field to be selected (to match option value that matches the images they clicked)

NOTE: images and form are on the same page.

then the form gets filled out as normal...   so the click of the image:
1) passes the value
2) sends focus to the form
3) a dropdown field option is selected based the matching image   can this be done? how? thank you!!!  

Victor Font replied 9 months ago

How are the images being displayed? Are you using an image radio button set or displaying the images as stand alone figures?

Larry Kolinek replied 9 months ago

the image is just a stand-alone image, not related to the form.

Larry Kolinek replied 9 months ago

OR technically, I can display the image ANY way that makes the functionality happen (where I can still easily control/format the layout of the image) 🙂

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