How to Send Email after Field is Updated?

By: Chris Titus | Asked: 04/25/2023
ForumsCategory: Code HelpHow to Send Email after Field is Updated?
Chris Titus asked 12 months ago
I would like to execute the following code for a specific form, field, and email.  I may have misunderstood the code, but it appears to sends all emails related to any form in which I have set up frontend field editing by link.  Any help is greatly appreciated!
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 12 months ago
You need to evaluate the contents of the $atts array that is passed as a parameter to the callback function. I can't test this myself because I don't have anything setup on my dev server for front end editing, but I'd venture to guess that $atts contains the field ID that you can use as a trigger for and if statement. If field_id = 999, then do this, otherwise skip the code. Use the Kint debugger to test the $atts values.

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