In Calendar View: Display a note when there are no events scheduled.

By: Peter davenport | Asked: 02/26/2024
ForumsCategory: Code HelpIn Calendar View: Display a note when there are no events scheduled.
Peter davenport asked 2 months ago
I'm working with the calendar view, and I currently have two views created. The first is a standard monthly calendar. The second view is a daily view of the day's events. Here is the output of that daily events view: What I've done to achieve that is to simply display the entire monthly calendar using the shortcode and embedding the monthly calendar into the page. Then, I stripped away all the elements of the monthly calendar using CSS. For every day that there is no event scheduled, I want to display a note. Something like, "There are no events scheduled for today.". So, if this were the full monthly calendar view, then essentially, that note would be displayed on every empty day. I've already made various attempts to accomplish this using the conditionals, and it isn't possible. Does anyone have an idea on how to display the note if nothing is scheduled for the day. I have yet to be able think of a way to do this, and I'm open to ideas on how to accomplish it.

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