Issue with Submit Button now appearing on Product Pages using forms with Woocomerce Product Fields

By: Brad Merlie | Asked: 04/22/2024
ForumsCategory: Code HelpIssue with Submit Button now appearing on Product Pages using forms with Woocomerce Product Fields
Brad Merlie asked 1 month ago
For a few years I've been using Formidable for building registration forms for events as products within WooCommerce, using Formidable's Woo Product Fields Add-On.  Everything has been working great until recently when the last couple of forms I've done are now showing the form Submit button at the bottom of the form, right before the Add to Cart Button.  Previously, it would be hidden if the form were embedded into a product, so the user only had the option of Adding to Cart (which of course also submitted the form). It's worth noting that forms created previously continue to work fine, it's only the new ones I've created recently that are exhibiting this behavior.  Here is an example: I am at a loss as to whether I have accidentally changed something, or perhaps a recent update by Formidable has led to this now occuring.  I've compared settings between the working, previously created forms and the more recent ones with issues, and can't identify any differences.  Also, if I duplicate a working form, the duplicate works too.  And similarly, if I duplicate a non-working form, the duplicate also doesn't work. Any insights or assistance would be appreciated. Regards,
1 Answers
Brad Merlie answered 1 month ago
I checked the changelog and v 6.9 introduced changes to how buttons are configured and mentioned 'the new submit button'.  That would explain the timing. My solution was to set a conditional the button's field options that would never be met, so button is now hidden and 'Add to Cart' functions as it should, submitting form, adding product to cart, and redirecting user there.

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