Javascript event not firing

By: Liudas Dzisevicius | Asked: 12/01/2023
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Liudas Dzisevicius asked 5 months ago

Hello I'm trying do something in JS after form has been submitted but following the documentation isn't working for me. I've created a from and set it to be submitted using AJAX. I've added it to a page using the shortcode and using the custom html block I've added this code:

(() => {
document.addEventListener('frmFormComplete', (event, form, response) => {

After the form is submitted I don't see anything in the console. Am I doing something wrong or this is a bug? The doc page I'm following:

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Liudas Dzisevicius answered 5 months ago
It seems vanilla JS can't catch events triggered by Jquery. Thank you for your help guys.
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 5 months ago
I set up a quick test, first using the format in the example on the FF documentation page and it worked. I then substituted your code and it did not.
Victor Font answered 5 months ago
It works the Formidsable adds the listener: jQuery( document ).on( 'frmFormComplete', afterFormSubmitted );

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