Javascript function to extract address fields and add to hidden field?

By: Jason Cathcart | Asked: 01/17/2023
ForumsCategory: Code HelpJavascript function to extract address fields and add to hidden field?
Jason Cathcart asked 1 year ago
Formidable support suggested I reach out here. I am using the Premium Address Field option to capture International addresses, however the address gets stored in my custom field in an array format like this: {"line1":"7 Chome-14-15 Ginza","city":"Chuo City","state":"Tokyo","zip":"104-0061","country":"Japan"} I would like this stored in a more normal looking format like this: 7 Chome-14-15 Ginza Chuo City Tokyo 104-0061 Japan Formidable support suggested that someone here might be able to help with a custom JavaScript function to extract each field in the address field and add that to a hidden field in my form.

Is there someone here that can help with this?
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 1 year ago
472 = Field ID of your address field
field_intl_address = field key of your address field
field_hidden_address = field key of your hidden field
You might want to include "line2" below. I only added "line1" <script>
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

	$("#frm_field_472_container").change(function() {
		const intl_address_field_prefix = 'field_intl_address_';
		var streetAddress = $("#" + intl_address_field_prefix + "line1").val();
		var city = $("#" + intl_address_field_prefix + "city").val();
		var province = $("#" + intl_address_field_prefix + "state").val();
		var postal = $("#" + intl_address_field_prefix + "zip").val();
		var country = $("#" + intl_address_field_prefix + "country").val();
		$("#field_hidden_address").val(streetAddress + " " + city + " " + province + " " + postal +  " "  + country);
Jason Cathcart replied 1 year ago

Thanks so much - I'll give this a try!

Jason Cathcart replied 1 year ago

This code works great! Thanks!

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