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By: Emmanuel GADEK | Asked: 04/27/2023
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Emmanuel GADEK asked 12 months ago
Hi to all Formidable Forms community and Formidable Forms Team's members,

When I am using some JQuery code in the Formidable Form's Wordpress plugin, I place my code on the 'after the fields' of the 'settings' tab in the Wordpress admin console.
It's work perfectly but it is a little bit annoying to manage, especially during construction step, when you update your code often.
Is it possible to place code in a 'js' folder of the child theme folder to facilitate the maintenance ? How to do that (drop a link to the js file in this 'after the fields' input) ?

Thanks for help !
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 12 months ago
Yes, what you refer to is very much doable.  You can put the file on the server (child theme asset folders are good) and then in the After Fields (and maybe even the Before Fields) you can add a reference to the file as seen here.

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