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By: Henning Jønsson | Asked: 05/03/2024
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Henning Jønsson asked 2 months ago

I'm totally new to formidable forms but trying to learn :)
I have a form where I want the ability to choose between a few standard fill forms.

The form contains e.g.

One Dropdown (with 5 standard fill forms - already fill forms)

One Checkbox 
One Text field 
One File upload. 

If you choose one of the 5 standard forms, let say option 1. The rest of the questions on the form must be filled in automatically.

checkbox - option 2
text field - xxxx xxxx
File upload - test.txt

If i choose option 2. 

checkbox - option 4
text field - YYY YYY
File upload - Morning.txt  

is that possible?
it is possible to use "Lookup default value" on text fields, but it is not supported on checkbox/file upload/dropdown.
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 months ago
What do you mean when you say you want to select one of five forms? A form is a collection of fields and fields have values.
Henning Jønsson replied 2 months ago

sorry for my bad english - will try to explain.

I have 2 formulas, with the same 10 fields.

Form 1 - called "standard answer"

form 2 - has an extra field. (dropdown) which is a "look up", that looks in form 1.

Let's say 5 responses have been made in form 1.

So when you click on the dropdown menu, there are 5 options.

If you choose one of these, all fields i formel 2, must be filled in automatically according to the formula you choose from formula1.

I can do it on a text field, since it supports the
"Lookup default value", where I can choose to look in the fields from formula 1.
But this option is not available on Checkbox / Dropdwon / File upload etc.

Does it make sense.?

Victor Font replied 2 months ago

What is the source of the data used to automatically fill in Form 2 when a dropdown value is selected. It sounds like you may have to use Ajax, but you provided enough details about how Form 2 is populated.

Henning Jønsson replied 2 months ago

I don't think I understand.?

The source is the answers to formula 1. (Formula 1 contain the same 10 fields as in Formula 2.).
These values ​​must now be copied to formula 2 when you select the answer from formula 1 in the dropdown menu.

I will try to read up on AJAX. Do you happen to have an example of some code that could be used.?

Victor Font replied 2 months ago

No I do not. In fact having two forms with the exact same fields goes against the "single source of truth" data management principal.

What doesn't make sense is why you have a drop down at all to select a value if you are copying the same values as form A. Nothing you've explained makes sense for a good design.

Henning Jønsson replied 1 month ago

The reason I have made 2 identical forms is that each customer can make a "the 5 most used answers".
The customer uses these forms for documentation, so the same answers are often the same.
Therefore, you have the option of making 5 most used, so that you don't have to fill in the same question every time. call it a quick access.

Victor Font replied 1 month ago

Good luck with solving your problem.

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