nested [if][else[ statement not working as expected

By: ehud blatt | Asked: 07/10/2023
ForumsCategory: Code Helpnested [if][else[ statement not working as expected
ehud blatt asked 10 months ago
I have a statement like this:
[if 179 show=value equals="xxx"]
       [179 show=value]
       [if 187 show=value equals="xxx"]
              [187 show=value]
       [/if 187]
[/if 179]

its not working.
how do I create a nested if\else logic.
I'm want to check several filed values to decide wich will occupy my post to API content.    
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 10 months ago
Nested if/else doesn't work. I ran into this myself when polishing up a view for the Formidable Masterminds Codex V2. I ended up creating my own shortcode to handle the nesting issue. You can solve this with custom code.
ehud blatt replied 10 months ago

thank you very much Victor.
can you explain where in how do I put in the custom code?

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