populate separated value via php from checkbox?

By: Michael Doe | Asked: 08/19/2022
ForumsCategory: Code Helppopulate separated value via php from checkbox?
Michael Doe asked 2 years ago
Hi there,   I need to populate a value from a checkbox.   []Checkbox1 name blahblah seperated value: 1 []Checkbox2 name blahblah seperated value: 234 ...   This can be done with:
$result = FrmProEntriesController::get_field_value_shortcode(array('field_id' => x, 'entry' => $entry_id));
Unfortunately I use separated values, but this code will receive only the name of the checkbox ("Checkbox1 name blahblah" instead of "1") Any ideas, what I have to do to receive the separated value?   Thank you, Michael    

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